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Funding Division

Attention all organizations receiving DCCD funding and those who may be interested:

**POSTED 2/28/14**
FY 15 Staff Proposed Arts Funding Guidelines
(presented at the March 3, 2014 Cultural Arts Board Meeting)

Public hearings have been scheduled to discuss the staff-proposed changes
to the FY 15 Arts Funding Guidelines. The presentation from the January 6, 2014 Cultural Arts Board meeting may be viewed here.

Schedule of meetings:

Saturday, January 25, 9 AM - 3 PM
Monday, February 3, 5:45 - 7 PM (Cultural Arts Board Meeting)
Saturday, February 15, 9 AM - 3 PM
Monday, March 3, 5:45 - 7 PM (Cultural Arts Board Meeting)
Monday, April 7, 5:45 - 7 PM (Cultural Arts Board Meeting)

All meetings will take place at the Municipal Plaza Building in Plaza Room B

For more information, call 210.207.6968



The Department for Culture and Creative Development (DCCD) provides financial support to San Antonio eligible nonprofit arts and cultural organizations to support programs and projects that further artistic excellence and foster increased, diverse public participation and awareness of the arts in San Antonio.

Arts funding is the City's investment in arts and cultural activities to help leverage matching funds raised by organizations from other sources including foundations, individuals and corporate sponsors.

The Arts and Cultural Funding process is competitive and utilized to purchase arts and cultural services for the community. All final funding decisions are subject to actual dollars available, City budget priority of services and City Council approval.

The Department for Culture and Creative Development provides financial support to San Antonio nonprofit arts and cultural organizations through its Arts Funding Division in the following categories:
The objective of the Arts Funding Division is to:
  • Promote and/or foster cultural tourism.
  • Serve a broad multidisciplinary constituency, and to encourage growth and viability within arts of diverse cultures.
  • Affirmatively encourage and facilitate the participation of culturally diverse populations, geographically underserved neighborhoods and economically disadvantaged populations, and the disabled.
  • Reach and support organizations of all sizes and artists working within all arts disciplines, and support the development of art that is uniquely San Antonio.
  • Support organizational growth through strategic planning and professional development.
  • Promote the development of agencies and expansion of opportunities for artists, and to provide leverage in helping organizations and artists secure additional support from other sources, both public and private.


The Arts Funding Division utilizes a panel review process to help arrive at funding recommendations. To assist in this process the Department for Culture and Creative Development solicits panelist nominations from the community.

Review Committee Member nomination form for Operational and Project Support

Review Committee Members List

General Operational Program:

This category supports various administrative and program activities and are intended to aid organizations that nurture the development of art and culture unique to San Antonio. Operational Support funding is on a two-year cycle.


Project Funding Program:

Project support is available to any 501(c)3 organization that is doing an arts related project.


A project is an activity whose objective is the creation, preservation and presentation of an arts and cultural activity. The Project Funding Program provides financial support to specific arts/cultural activities in an organization. The activity is usually separate from the organization’s general operating budget. The Project Funding Program funds on an annual basis with new requests considered annually.

For example, a project can be:
  • A presentation that is part of a series;
  • A one-time only presentation/event; or
  • A series of art events with a continuing theme within the funding cycle. (However, project funding will not provide funding for general operating expenses or for a complete series.)

Program Eligibility

  • Application Process
  • Application Timeline
  • Application Review Criteria
  • On-line Application
  • Application Instructions
  • Application Materials
  • Application Check List
  • Operational and Project Review Committee Members
  • Application Workshops (See application timeline for schedule)

Technical & Economic Development Assistance

The Technical and Economic Development Assistance Program is designed to assist local not for profit arts and cultural organizations and professional artists to pay for specific expenses related to Organizational Stability, Development and Professional Growth.

  • All requests must be received by the second Friday of the month.
  • Staff will review the request(s) by the close of business on the last day of that month.

For more information, click on the Guidelines.

For more information on the Funding Program, call Laura Nunn, Contract Manager at 210.207.6961.